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Building Complex Software on Emerging Tech Challenges

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 23 Oct, 2024

IoT products should never go wrong. They are not only accountable for an unimaginable volume of user data, but they are also an important pillar of Web 3.0. In fact, recent studies show that IoT has significant potential in reducing carbon emissions in the future. However, it is still quite difficult to predict the amount of additional infrastructure required to do so. And if we keep progressing the same way, we might even end up saving more carbon than we are producing. The times are gone when IoT was just introduced, and errors in development were welcomed.

Not IoT technologies are quite sophisticated and omnipresent. Ever since the reports of the "75% failure rate" of IoT devices have surfaced, enterprises have become more aware and have started learning about the potential challenges they could face. In 2023, enterprises have begun to explore possibilities of integrating IOT with web3 emerging technologies and address these issues. If you have an IOT product in mind, then this is the right time for you to take a pause, weigh your choices, and assess your readiness before plunging into final development. And this article is just doing that. We discuss the 4 most important challenges that Software Solution Services In Toronto have to face.

Data Management and Monitoring

An IoT network generates unusually large amounts of data that is quite detrimental to any business operations. A big challenge that businesses face today is managing this large amount of data in an organized manner.

A good way to do this is by making sure that an organization only collects the data that is required by their teams to log and analyze. Any set of extra information can get confusing and may also make it hard for you to reach a conclusion.

To solve this problem, it is crucial for IoT experts these days to find the right combination of storage and tracking software so all the collected information is tracked and analyzed effectively. Most businesses are now switching to cloud offerings to store and manage their IoT data instead of relying on conventional on-premises products. In order to access IoT data and insights, businesses need to integrate this technology accordingly.

You can now use an analytics platform to monitor data easily from a single dashboard with the touch of a button. Be it monitoring the freezer status, water flow, or any other aspect of your building, the management Platform provides you with whatever data you need, irrespective of the time and place.

As a professional Web App Development Services Company web app development services company, Milliondev builds an IoT management platform that updates all intelligent devices, sensors, and controls you own. This makes sure that you get an alert before any system errors or failures arise. You can also manage alerts easily on a phone, tablet, or computer of your choice. Use our single-user dashboard to pull together all systems, devices, and sensors together for flexible ease of use. Say goodbye to logging into multiple systems to keep a check on your facility.

Device Activation & Deployment

IoT device activation stands as a pivotal milestone in the management of multiple IoT devices, serving as the linchpin for their successful integration within a company's operational framework. It's a process of paramount significance, one that directly influences the functionality of an entire IoT setup, thereby impacting a company's internal processes and the experiences of its end users.

The two most important methods employed for IoT device activation are over-the-air Activation (OTAA) and Activation by Personalization (ABP). The OTAA approach requires the devices to initiate a network join procedure. During this procedure, crucial security keys are negotiated, and a dynamic End-Device Identifier (EUI) address is assigned to the device. This method establishes an automatic activation mode, considerably reducing the need for manual intervention.

However, it depends on an uninterrupted internet connection. Any disruptions due to poor internet or unexpected power outages without suitable backup can potentially halt the OTAA activation process.

Beyond the activation process, IoT device deployment comes with various logistical challenges. It has to ensure that each device is not only configured correctly but also securely connected to the network.

Furthermore, it is continuously monitored for performance demands and meticulous planning. This becomes increasingly complex as the number of devices and their geographical distribution expands.

In the pursuit of tackling these challenges efficiently, the developers require proactive solutions, robust contingency plans, and diligent ongoing maintenance efforts.

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Because of the inability of E-commerce 1.0 giants to provide the same services to the grocery sector, there is a huge vacuum created in the market. The introduction of e-commerce 2.0 for grocery retailers aims to bridge this gap eventually.

Data Analysis

After the data is collected, it has to be assessed for enhanced efficiency and smooth functioning of your system devices. This can be done by implementing computation and acting on the filtered data sets.

1. Workflow Execution

Start by defining a workflow for the data that is collected by your IoT sensors and devices. A defined workflow allows you to take actions efficiently. For example, if you need to keep a low temperature for storing a specific product, you will receive a notification every time the temperature is about to rise above the set regulation.

2. Maintenance

Also, make sure that you regularly monitor the functioning of all your IoT sensors and devices from time to time. Make a plan to check and maintain your devices at regular intervals. If these devices stop functioning, it can easily cause disruption of data that directly affects your business operations. To solve this issue, make sure that all devices are programmed to send you a notification in case they are not able to transmit data.

3. Action and Analysis

Make sure all IoT devices are connected, as this allows you to execute any action based on the data that has been collected by the sensors of these devices. For example, if the temperature in a room rises above a certain set point, the sensors automatically alert the air conditioner to keep down the temperature.

Whether you are hiring a tech company or Digital Marketing Services it is crucial to educate all stakeholders about the risks involved in IoT development. The Internet of Things presents an exciting realm of possibilities, but it also comes with its share of challenges, particularly in terms of security and scalability.

As a full-stack consulting firm, Milliondev understands the nuances of this vast ecosystem. With an adept team of hardware, software, and networking professionals, we have enabled a line-up of IOT products for enterprises across healthcare, automobile, and other sectors.

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Maintaining IoT devices can be tricky. One big challenge is keeping them connected to the internet all the time. If the connection breaks, it can disrupt the device's job. Also, IoT devices need regular updates and security checks to stay safe from hackers. But updating many devices, especially if they're in different places, can be tough. So, while IoT brings many benefits, it also brings these challenges. Making sure they stay connected, safe, and powered is vital for their smooth operation.

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